Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blessing after Tragedy

My best friend Emily had been by my side since that horrid morning. Only leaving at night and returning early to do anything she could to help. She was also two weeks away from her wedding, which I was supposed to be her matron of honor in. Who wants to be in a wedding when you have just lost your husband and the love of your life. Not me, but she had been so good to me and I made her promise that I would stand right there and be at her becking call and that is where I would be  so on the morning of August 11,2012, 16 days after my husband lost his life, I went to the brides maids breakfast, went and helped set up for the reception, and then stood by my best friend while she also married her high school sweetheart. It was beautiful. God is the one that got me through that wedding without shedding a year and keeping my baby inside. :). As pictures ended and the reception started my parents took me home to rest and of course ball my eyes out for hours. I was so happy for them, but the hurt that I had just went through two weeks prior was still raw. I cried most of the night and into the morning. 
As I awoke that morning I noticed my back was hurting. I contributed it to the lifting and long day I had had the day before. I let it go as that and ate my breakfast and went and sat on the couch. About 10:45am my water broke and we were on our way to the hospital. It was bittersweet. All of it. Mom drove me there, but I so wished William could have took me and shared this experience with me. He would have been so excited. After 6 hours William "Hunter" Mast was born. At 6:49 pm, 18 1/4 inches long and 6.15 pounds. He was a healthy baby boy. He was everything me and William had prayed for. He would been so proud of his son. He was so excited to be a daddy. I know he was watching over us as he does now and is the best father for that. In the days to come as we went home I was so glad to have the help of my parents. It is hard enough to bring a Child into the world, without everything we all had already been through. I needed the help. 

My parents stayed with me until the weekend after Thanksgiving. I told them that it was time for me to do this in my own. I know they hated to leave, but they live right down the road. That night, after they had left, I heard sirens go down the road. When I looked out I saw Williams patrol car going down the road on its way to a call. I knew right them that that was The Lord letting William tell me that we would be ok. And I have to tell you by God Grace I have not been afraid here. God continues to amaze me everyday with his Grace and Mercy that he gives me so that I can keep going. Keep going so I can be the best mom I can to my baby boy. He is 18 months old now and it is so hard to believe. He is the love of my earthly life and I am so grateful for him and also grateful that Hod knew just what I would need to keep me going. Our little boy. 

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